1. January 08, 2020

    Can CBD become a household "medicine" drawer essential

    We all have some kind of medicine/remedy cupboard in our homes, CBD is certainly present in my medicines cupboard. What is the first thing we reach for to treat a headache 

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  2. December 18, 2019

    Why are lab reports important?

    Why are CBD lab reports important?

    Health CBD are insistent on providing honest and affordable CBD products to our customers. The main aim of CBD has always been to help people as an alternative therapy and supplement. We have had great reviews and feedback. A main reason behind this is our close attention to providing honest products with the true amount of CBD as listed per product. 

    Unfortunately, like many industrys there are companies and individuals that are out to make a quick buck and scam people in to thinking they are selling true strength CBD oil for a fraction of the real price. Even if you are not purchasing from Health CBD it is essential to ask sellers for certificates, once recieved certificate always check that the CBD content on the bottle matches the figure on the certificate. 

    This is vital, as some scammers are taking consumers hard earned cash and selling a bottle which may not have any or very little CBD at all.

    At Health

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  3. December 16, 2019

    Why do CBD start-ups find it difficult to find a payments gateway.

    The history of the cannabis plant is an interesting tale of health, wealth, crime and happiness. In the past cannabis has sparked intense political and social debate, engendered political movements and inspired the creation of a whole sub-genre of films, music and art.

    As we power towards the third decade of the century, cannabis is gathering momentum within the thriving health and well-being industry in the form of cannabinoid oil (CBD). This cannabis compound differs from the psychoactive compound that causes the high from smoking cannabis – THC. Without the potentially harmful and degenerative effects of THC, CBD has been given legal status in many jurisdictions around the world, including the UK, various states in the US, and nearly all European countries.

    Appearing in many products, such as orally-ingested oil, body lotions, tea, coffee, bath bombs, vape liquids and sweets, and treating such diverse ailments as rheumatic pains, anxiety and depression, cancer-related symptoms, acne and cardiovascular problems, CBD oil is big business.

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  4. November 03, 2019

    Is CBD legal in the UK?

    MILLIONS of Brits wrongly believe CBD oil is illegal in the UK, according to new research.

    The oil, said to help promote sleep, ease chronic pain, and reduce stress and anxiety, is legal in the UK as it doesn’t contain THC - the psychoactive compound that causes the high. But two thirds believe it is banned.

    And eight in 10 think the effect of taking the naturally-derived oil is the same as smoking cannabis. More than half also said they would judge a friend or family member negatively if they knew they took CBD.

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  5. October 30, 2019

    Hemp oil v CBD oil?

    CBD oil and hemp oil are unique products that benefit our health but do so in different ways. They come from different parts of the cannabis plant and therefore have different uses and benefits. It's easy to confuse the two and brands sometimes label their products with that in mind to trick consumers.

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